CPF Alarm Monitoring


CPF security is a nationwide security monitoring company, aiming to meet your every safety need working together with the CPFs by use of monitoring security devices. Let CPF Security do your alarm monitoring until you have built a customer base. Once established, CPF Security can supply you with the control room start-up kit (hardware and software incl) and transfer all your existing customers over to you.

How does it work


You purchase the CPF Security GSM radio transmitter which is installed at the customer’s site that requires monitoring.  Any alarm trigger is received in the control room where detailed information is displayed- incl. customer details and alarm signal.  This information is sent, via SMS, to the necessary recipient(s).  Information to response teams is filtered to priority/emergency notifications only.  The customer can however choose to receive all signals.

The Monthly instalment includes :

  • 100 SMS's to customer and armend responce teams. (within ±30 sec)
  • Telegram MessageCustomers push notifications (Telegram) on all signals (Optional)
  • A history report of all the alarms activated for up to 3 months
  • Troubleshooting and commissioning help
  • Training and commissioning - tailored for installers and re-sellers
  • Fast turn round repair service
  • 1 year warranty
  • Software updates
  • Online order form


CPF Security is a well-established business partner trading nationally in the South African market since 2008.

CPF Security rightly earned a reputation of quality and personal customer service within the industry.

CPF Security is here to fully support your business without getting involved in your customer-supplier relationship.

20% discount on the CPF Security monthly monitoring fee, for every 20x customers linked untill 100x customers are reached.

  • No profit share
  • Independent customer- supplier relationship
  • Free recommendations and referrals
  • Full history report per customer
  • Speedy technical support and access to required documents and presentations
  • Discounted resellers pricing structure
  • Track record of successful and secure contracts
  • No hidden cost
  • Online installer list avalible
Description Cost excl vat
Once Off  
Radio transmitter (per client) R834.00
Monthly contract  
Monthly Monitoring Fee (20% Discount structure) R119.13
Sim card network & data fee R43.48
TOTAL R996.61

Please note this is excluding the courier fees.


Price: R996.61
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 100 mm × 50 mm × 20 mm